Sports Premium 2017-18

The government provide funds to every school through the Sports Premium Grant to support the delivery of PE and sport. The Sports Premium is to be spent on sport with the intended outcome that the quality of teaching and learning of PE are improved for our Key Stage 1 pupils.

Our schools allocation for the year is £17,830 (this is based on school calculations from the Spring census 2017).

Key Priorities:

  • For our pupils to be able to sustain physical activity for longer periods of time
  • For our pupils to make more active and healthy choices
  • For our parents to be more physically active so that they support and encourage their children to be more physical
  • For our pupils to be more physically active at lunchtime
  • To be able to talent spot and ensure our pupils with sporting excellence can achieve their potential
Action Cost
1. All lunchtime supervisors to be given personalised training from a qualified sports coach. Games will be demonstrated and staff will be more confident in organising and leading physical games at lunchtime £2,280.00
2. All teaching staff and selected TAs to have 1:1 training from a qualified sports coach throughout the year £6,080.00
3. Pupils who attend additional learning support group to be taught by a qualified sports coach £1,520.00
4. Year group sports days to take place every half term £2,400.00
5. Evening sports classes to take place in the school for parents and children £2,200.00
6. Vulnerable and or talented pupils to be given spaces at holiday sports camps £1,020.00
7. Nutrition workshops for pupils and parents £700.00
8. Resourcing for games activities at lunchtime and PE lessons £1,130.00
9. Provide scooter proficiency training for KS1 children £500.00

All actions will be monitored through lesson observations, learning walks, pupil/staff and parent voice, Governor Visits

An interim review of this strategy will take place at the end of March 2018, with a final evaluation to report in July 2018.