Parent Voice

Parents/Carers – Partners in the Learning Process

We aim to establish strong links with Parents/Carers as they play a vital role in a child’s education and have both rights and responsibilities. We see them as partners in the teaching and learning process and promote a positive and mutually supportive home/school relationship to benefit the children. Teachers and Parents/Carers need to work together, sharing information, knowledge and expertise. We have established a Home-School Agreement in line with statutory requirements.

Parents/Carers are kept informed on school matters by means of regular whole school and year group newsletters, reports, parent consultations, workshops, and Help Your Child to Learn sessions.

Curriculum newsletters are sent home each half-term and details the learning focus, half-termly year group newsletters are also sent home and inform parents of upcoming events and celebrations.

Parent consultations take place once a term and all parents/carers are encouraged to attend these sessions.  We also ask that children are supported and encouraged with their home learning.

We have a number of parent volunteers who assist with a wide range of activities in the classroom.  If you would like to volunteer please make an appointment to meet Mr Hickman, all volunteers must complete a disclosures and barring service (DBS) application prior to assisting in school.