Governors meet at least once every half-term. The Governing Board is made up of Parents, The Headteacher, a member of staff representatives from the Local Community and a representative from the Local Authority. All Governors are committed to the further development of the school and the achievement of all the children that attend the school.

If you are interested in becoming a School Governor, please contact the clerk to the Governing Board or speak to the Headteacher.

The role of the Governing Board

The School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) Regulations 2013 sets out the role of the governing body. It states that:

The governing board should focus strongly on 3 core functions:

  • Setting the vision and strategic direction of the school;
  • Holding the headteacher to account for its educational performance;
  • And ensuring financial resources are well spent

Further details of the roles and responsibilities of the Governing Body can be found here.

Governing Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Governing board meetings are recorded and available on our site, which can be accessed here.

Becoming a Governor

Becoming a governor is a significant commitment and requires real commitment, time and effort.

A governor plays an extremely important part in formulating and driving forward the strategic direction of the school. Supporting the school in its journey to becoming a good school that delivers high quality, and highly effective teaching and learning.

Governors will help all of our children develop to their full potential, whatever their starting point when they join our school and will support all of our children in achieving as much as they can, enabling them to experience early success in their lives.

Governors will support all staff at the school to improve their knowledge and skills to ensure their personal professional development.

Governors are responsible for ensuring the safety of our children, parents and staff at all times.

Governors are expected to fully engage in the work of the Governing Board behaving in a respectful, positive and supportive manner with children, parents, staff and other governors.

Governors can also expect to experience great personal satisfaction in knowing that they are playing an essential part in the school’s continuous improvement towards becoming the “good” school that it should be.

Please click here to view the Register of Interest for the Governing Body.

Governor’s Charter

The Governing Body of Wood End Infants has drawn up a charted that reflects the Rights Respecting status of the school. The charter will enable the Governing Body to support the Headteacher and the school in general to ensure that every child can be the best that they can be. Please click here to read the charter.

The current members of the governing body are as follows:

Matthew Jeatt


I have been a governor in Ealing schools for over twelve years and I am proud to be the Chair of Governors at Wood End Infants, working with governors, staff, parents and children to support the school in its drive to become a good school is a privilege. Wood End Infants is an exceptional school that is constantly challenging itself to improve.

We have an inspirational Headteacher and a committed, talented and dedicated staff who are helping our children to be the best that they can be and to be well prepared for a full and happy life. Parents and carers are generous with their time and skills to support the school and we are honoured to look after and teach their children.

Term of office ends on: 31st August 2022
Committees: Full Governing Board, Resources, Teaching & Learning
Classification: Co-opted

Janet Bettaccini

janet-bettacciniI am one of the Co-opted Governors at Wood End Infant School and Vice Chair of the Governing Board. Within the Board of Governors, I currently have responsibility for safeguarding and overseeing the strategic provision for children with special educational needs. I also review performance indicators (results) achieved by our pupils against National and Ealing wide figures and discuss these with the Governing Board and the Headteacher.

My two sons came to this school in the 1970s and I have lived in the locality for over 40 years. I worked as a nurse in various roles in the borough of Ealing and beyond, until my retirement. I come into school one morning each week to help some children with their guided reading. It is a real privilege to be associated with such a caring school.

Term of office ends on: 31st August 2022
Committees: Full Governing Board, Teaching & Learning (Chair)
Classification: Co-opted

Miss Madhu Bhachu, Headteacher

As the Head teacher of Wood End Infant School the role of Governor is extremely important as it enables me to work with the Governing Board to make important decisions about our school. The teaching and learning committee are passionate about ensuring that the quality of education that every child receives is excellent. Questions are asked about how public money is spent effectively and we challenge each other to ensure we have secured value for money in the Resources committee. The health and safety of all members of team Wood End is extremely important and this committee carries out risk assessments and assesses the building regularly. I am lucky enough to be involved in all committees and I value the challenging and supportive role that the Governors carry out on a daily basis.

Term of office ends on: Not Applicable
Committees: Full Governing Board, Resources, Teaching & Learning
Classification: Staff Governor – Headteacher

Lara Al-Jarcheh

lara-al-jarchehI am a mother of four wonderful children all of whom have attended and still attend this fantastic school. I therefore have known this school for 10 years and feel proud to see the many changes this school has adopted.

The changes have impacted greatly on my vision to be more involved in the school. I never had second thoughts in retaining my children in this school even after relocating within the borough. The school became a magnet attracting me especially when it became a Rights Respecting school. I now am privileged not only to be a parent governor but also as a leader in a new support group for parents with special needs children and now embarking on volunteering in school three times a week.

Term of office ends: 24th November 2019
Committees: Full Governing Board, Teaching & Learning
Classification: Parent


Alan O’Neill

Alan-O'Neil-Clerk-to-Governing-BodyI have been Clerk to the Governing Board at Wood End Infant School since the summer of 2014 and my main responsibilities are to ensure that the Governors receive all of the papers for Governing Board and Committee meetings in a timely manner. In addition I ensure that Governors are aware of changes in legislation which could affect the school.

Term of office ends on: Not applicable
Classification: Clerk to the Governing Body


Lesley Tucker Douglas

I am committed to supporting the school and governing body to achieve its goals in improving outcomes for the children and ensuring its standards of education live up to the expectations of the children’s parents and carers.  I am Chair of the Resources Committee and I am a registered volunteer for CORAM (children’s charity).  I have lived in the Wood End area for over 20 years and my son attended the school.


I am really happy and feel privileged to be a part of the school’s community.

Term of office ends on: 23rd March 2020
Committees: Full Governing Board, Resources (Chair)
Classification: Co-opted


Sandra Lavender

I am delighted to have recently joined ‘Team Wood End’ as a Co-opted Governor.

I bring with me over 30 years experience of working in the area of Early Years Childcare and Education

In my current job, I work with children aged 0-5 years who have special educational needs and/or disabilities in a neighbouring local authority.

I have a working knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and want to see alongside staff and parents that the children are engaging in a high-quality learning environment.

I’m joining a team that will work to ensure each child will develop and learn to ‘be the best they can be’ through the exciting learning opportunities and nurturing relationships that are offered by the staff team.

Term of office ends on: 19th March 2021
Committees: Full Governing Board and Teaching & Learning Committee
Classification: Co-opted

Bethanie Parker

Term of office ends on: 20th May 2022
Committees: Full Governing Board and Teaching & Learning Committee
Classification: Co-opted


Jayin Hirani

Term of office ends on: 20th May 2022
Committees: Full Governing Board and Teaching & Learning Committee
Classification: Co-opted


Andrew Hamilton

Term of office ends on: 11th September 2022
Committees: Full Governing Board and Teaching & Learning Committee
Classification: Co-opted