Our Eco committee is made up of representatives  Year 1 and Year 2 classes, children from Reception classes will join in the spring term.  A member of staff meets with the children every fortnight to discuss Eco related issues and priorities for the school. They also work alongside several adults, including the leadership team and the site manager to produce an action plan and make decisions about our school’s sustainability.

Improvements that are made to our school environment, both inside the school buildings and within the school grounds, will allow the children to develop an increased awareness and responsibility for their surroundings. So far, these improvements have included reducing the amount of water used, reducing the amount of paper used, recycling, composting and saving energy.

The current focus is reducing waste as the committee identified that the school uses lots of paper towels. The committee met with the Headteacher and suggested that paper towels could be removed from the toilets and that everyone would use hand dryers instead. This change has already been implemented in the staff toilets and we are planning to do this in the children’s toilets too.