Pupil Premium Strategy 2016-2017

As part of each school’s budget, the government allocates a ‘Pupil Premium Grant’ specifically to raise attainment and support those pupils who are on Free School Meals and/or are Looked After. Our allocation this year from the Pupil Premium Grant is £87,697

Key Priorities:

  • For disadvantaged pupils to achieve in line with national standards
  • For the gap to continue to close between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils at the end of Year 2
  • For the percentage of disadvantaged pupils who leave ‘Year 2 ready’ in Year 1 is in line with non-disadvantaged pupils
  • For the percentage of disadvantaged pupils who exceed in reading, writing and maths in reception is in line with non-disadvantaged pupils
  • To continue to ensure excellent progress for all disadvantaged pupils from their starting points.

Barriers to educational achievement:

  1. Pupils living in overcrowded/temporary accommodation
  2. Pupils begin school with limited literacy skills and varied social experiences
  3. Lack of positive parental engagement

Raising Achievement for disadvantaged pupils plan

Raising the profile

Action Who? Timescale
1. All teachers to complete termly class profile sheet Teachers Half termly
2. Disadvantaged group to be a regular focus on the monitoring cycle HT Termly
3. Class overview sheet reviewed and completed in preparation for PPRs to show the attainment and progress of disadvantaged pupils Teachers and SLT Half termly
4. Each member of SLT to track 5 disadvantaged pupils across the school to broaden understanding of the groups needs SLT On-going from 7th of October
Provision Who? Timescale
1. Disadvantaged pupils discussed at every PPR and provision reviewed SLT/ Teachers/TAs Termly
2. Interventions to be time specific and evaluated to identify impact DHT and AHT Termly
3. Specific provision map in place for disadvantaged pupils DHT and AHT Termly
4. Targeted intervention in place for all disadvantaged pupils who are not on track DHT and AHT Termly
5. On track disadvantaged pupils needs are met through extra-curricular or enrich opportunities DHT and AHT Termly
6. Early identification of Place 2 Be and Place 2 Talk support DHT and AHT On-going
Parental Engagement Who? Timescale
1. Analyse the % of parents who attend workshops and parents evening and identify parents who need to be encouraged to attend SBM Termly
2. Gather a profile of the parents to enable the school to tailor our support SBM Aut 2
3. Send personal invites to targeted parents DHT Begin Aut 2
4. Ensure there is a fair representation in parent council/head teacher meetings HT Half termly
5. Provide a range of services to support parents to further improve their work options eg breakfast club, adult English lessons, CV writing HT and SBM Throughout the year – coffee mornings
6. If attendance is low, offer parents support for the family SBM and AHT On-going
Finance Who? Timescale
1. Ensure all parents have been identified SBM Aut 2
2. New SBM to liaise with other SBM in the teaching Alliance and LA to investigate good practice and models of how to more effectively demonstrate the use of PPG funding SBM As network meetings are arranged
3. Action the allocation of funding – see below    
Motivation and Aspiration Who? Timescale
1. Ensure there is a fair representation in school council over the year HT and School Council leader Termly
2. During ‘Dreams’ topic ensure specific parents are invited to share their roles and responsibilities DHT January 2017
3. Consider the range of areas on offer for talent time DHT Every Friday
4. Track certificates to monitor how many PPG pupils are regularly celebrated DHT and AHT Half termly
5. Ensure curriculum continues to be exciting and engaging All staff On-going
6. QPR and Elm coaches to inspire and encourage pupils and parents SBM and PE lead From 3rd October
Governance Who? Timescale
1. The progress, attainment and provision for disadvantaged pupils are discussed at every teaching and learning committee Chair of Governors Termly
2. The cost and impact of provision for disadvantaged pupils is discussed at every resources committee Chair of Governors Termly

All actions will be monitored through regular PPGs, headship meetings, Governing Body meetings/visits, Link Officer visits, book scrutiny, pupil and parent voice.

The date of the review of this strategy will be March 2017 ahead of the new financial year with a final evaluation to report impact in July 2017.

Budget Allocation

We have used the Education Endowment Foundations research to support us to guide our decisions about the use of pupil premium funding


PPG Budget Breakdown

  PPG funding allocation Rationale
Place 2 Be counselling services £4,865.00 To support pupils social and emotional well being

Provide to support to families during challenging circumstances

Teacher led Intervention groups £12,063.00 To provide small group teaching from specialist teachers to address specific gaps in knowledge in maths and English
Teacher led motor development £2,821.31 To develop muscles, refine both gross and fine motor skills to build pupils stamina and strength
Trips/Visits £122.50 To enable all children to access school trips
Uniform £58.33 To provide uniform for pupils so that they feel part of the school community
Breakfast £30.00 To ensure children are ready for the school day
Extended School provision £3,000.50 To support parents so that they can return to work

To provide extended school opportunities for pupils

Teaching Assistant support £26,179.42 Ensure that pupils who are not yet ready to access age appropriate curriculum are given additional support to catch up (Phonics and communication)
Training £583.33 To enhance teachers subject knowledge in order to accelerate progress
Translators £960.00 To support parents during consultations so that they are better informed of their child’s needs and achievements
Talent time £200.00 To provide activities to raise aspirations and broaden pupils experiences
Parent workshops £553.83 To provide parents with the knowledge needed to support their children’s learning

Supporting parents to build their confidence to return back to work/education

Total Spend Sept – April £56,477.60  
Total PPG budget for Sept – April £51,156.58  
difference -£281.20