Pupil Premium Grant 2014-2015

Pupil Premium Grant 2014-2015

As part of each school’s budget, the government allocates a ‘Pupil Premium Grant’ specifically to raise attainment and support those pupils who are on Free School Meals and/or are Looked After. Last year’s allocation (2014-2015) from the Pupil Premium Grant was £115,678. We spent the money on raising the attainment and increasing pupil progress, with a particular focus on the core subjects. We did this through a range of strategies and support including

  1. Providing specialist teachers for reading, writing and maths, supporting children in small booster and intervention groups and working 1 to 1 outside of the classroom on programmes such as Reading Recovery and Every Child Counts.
  2. Providing Teaching Assistants for every class so that children can be supported during whole class sessions, during group work and to provide specialist programmes e.g. Speech and Language therapy and Occupational therapy.
  3. Providing a movement programme from a specialist teacher to develop children’s gross motor skills and spatial awareness, including advice for parents and carers.
  4. Providing counselling through the Place2Be and Place2talk.
  5. Providing after school maths tuition.
  6. Providing a range of school based training for staff and parents in areas such as speech and language and communication skills.
  7. Paying for a Teaching Assistant to support language and communication development.
  8. Paying for a Teaching Assistant who is also a skilled gardener, to teach basic gardening skills to pupils across the school.
  9. Providing adult support during lunchtimes to enable the development of social skills, guidance on how to manage feelings and behaviour in social situations and develop understanding of eating healthily.

Impact 2014-2015

In Key stage 1 the attainment of pupils entitled to Free School Meals was securely above the 2015 national average in all subjects at all levels except at 2B in maths:

In % terms Level 2C+ Level 2B+ Level 2A Level 3
Reading School 2015 92 80 64 40
National Average 2015 84 72 44 19
Writing School 2015 92 76 52 19
National Average 2015 79 59 27 9
Maths School 2015 96 68 44 20
National Average 2015 88 71 40 15

For more information regarding performance of pupil premium pupils compared with other children in our school and nationally, over the last 3 years, please click here.

At the end of Reception the picture was equally strong, with children entitled to the Pupil Premium achieving at least in line with and for most aspects above, the national average.

Last year for the summer term only, a Pupil Premium Grant was introduced for nursery children. We were awarded £1,144 which we spent on providing a Teaching Assistant for a few hours a week, supporting the communication and language needs of the children.

In order to ensure that we track and monitor provision and progress for the pupils entitled to PPG in detail, Sharon Gorrie the Inclusion Leader has developed a provision map which details interventions and support given; impact and effectiveness; costings; and value for money. Our in-school monitoring, which consists of learning walks, book scrutinies, lesson observations, talking to pupils and half- termly pupil progress reviews, ensures that all pupils, particularly those entitled to the Pupil Premium Grant are effectively tracked and monitored and achieve the best possible outcomes.

This year 2015-2016

This year the amount of the school’s allocation from the Pupil Premium Grant is £112,866. As the impact of previous spending has been successful, we intend to spend the money in a similar way as detailed above.