Spiritual, Moral, Cultural, Personal, Social & Health Education (including sex education) & Citizenship

Spiritual, Moral, Cultural, Personal, Social & Health Education and Citizenship are all cross-curricular themes that are integrated into the curriculum.  Through discussions, reflection and circle time, we aim to encourage children to have respect for themselves, each other and the environment. Our programme aims to prepare children for growing independence, personal and social responsibility and healthy life-styles.  The 5 keys areas that we teach are:

Self awareness

  • Observing myself
  • Recognising feelings
  • Building vocabulary
  • Relationship between feelings & actions
  • Recognition of patterns of feelings
  • Self appraisal
  • Knowing my strengths & weaknesses

Managing feelings

  • Handling feelings
  • What’s behind a feeling
  • Calming myself down
  • Responding to others
  • Finding ways to handle fears & anxieties
  • Managing stress
  • Managing energy


  • Understanding goals
  • Choosing goals
  • Planning steps to target
  • Resilience
  • Perseverance
  • Deferred gratification


  • Observe & recognising feelings in others
  • Understanding other’s feelings
  • Respecting different perspectives
  • Appreciating difference
  • Using intuition
  • Communicating warmth & support

Social Skills

  • Talking about feelings effectively
  • Being a good listener
  • Negotiating with others
  • Respectful confrontation
  • Being assertive
  • Working and playing co-operatively and competing fairly.