At Wood End Infant School, we aim to provide the children with many experiences of the world around them, including how and why things work, grow and change. We try to instil awe and wonder into their learning. Science needs to be practical – a subject based on investigation and discovery. Science is about children developing a sense of enquiry and extending their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We have a hands on, practical approach to Science, encouraging the children to make simple observations and to identify similarities and differences in what they see.

In Year 1, the children cover a wide variety of topics and will begin to learn to record their observations and findings. The topics covered throughout the year are: plants, animals and humans, everyday materials, light and seasonal change.

In Year 2, the children learn about ‘fair testing’ and explain why their test is fair. They learn about cause and effect by giving evidence for their findings. The topics covered are: plants, animals and humans, everyday materials and sound. Additionally we offer exciting opportunities for children to learn about science during ‘Science Day’ which takes place each year.