Religious Education / Collective Worship

R.E. is taught in a manner appropriate to the age and needs of the children.  The curriculum is delivered through themes that run alongside a main topic and explore aspects of religion such as ‘Worship’, ‘New Life’, ‘Festivals of Light’, ‘Jesus’s Life’, ‘Pilgrimages’.

In line with the Ealing Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, we focus on three principal religions, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. As part of the topic ‘Places of Worship’, children in Year 1 are invited to visit places such as a local Christian Church and the Hindu Temple in Neasden. In the Spring Term children in Year 2 visit the Mosque.

Collective Worship is organised on a class, year group and whole school basis. These acts are valuable as ‘family’ occasions, to foster mutual caring, responsibility, interest in and appreciation of the world about us as well as religious reflection.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education and worship after consultation with the Headteacher.

Article 14 Every child has the right to follow their own religion while respecting other peoples’ religions.