Our aim is for all pupils to enjoy maths and become confident mathematicians. In Key Stage 1 we focus on developing mental calculation skills in order to ensure children have a firm understanding of the number system and a strong foundation on which they can build. This is done in a number of ways; we regularly use practical applications and teach a variety of strategies, using models and images.

Children use and apply their mathematical knowledge and skills in a wide variety of contexts, within the maths lesson and throughout the curriculum. We make links and contextualise the concepts in order to support the children to transfer and embed their learning.

The maths curriculum in school is based on the National Curriculum and covers:

  • The number system
  • Calculation
  • Handling data
  • Shapes
  • Space and measurement

Parents are encouraged to support their child’s learning by playing games, asking their child to help with daily activities such as laying the table, paying for items when shopping, identifying numbers and encouraging the use of mathematical vocabulary.

It is vital for all adults to have a positive attitude towards maths and to inspire their children to feel that maths is a fun, enjoyable and important part of everyday life.

We ensure that there are regular opportunities for parents to find out how they can support their child in mathematics throughout the school year.