Design & Technology

Design & Technology offers opportunities for children to understand more fully the world they live in. It provides children with a set of skills they can use to solve real life problems.

Children take part in activities that develop a range of different skills. These include designing, constructing, cooking and working with a variety of materials.  Once a task has been completed the children evaluate the piece they have produced and the way in which they made it.

Experimenting is an important aspect of Design & Technology.  Children plan an investigation, estimate what is going to happen and then discover whether they were right or not.  They find out what materials can and cannot do, discuss and share ideas and designs before measuring, making, testing and where necessary adapting their plans.

In Year 1, children progress through three main Design & Technology units, where they use construction and joining skills to build castles; a range of cooking and preparation skills to produce foods from around the world; and designing and cutting skills to create moving pictures on themes from different stories.

In Year 2, children have the opportunity to build upon and refine the skills learnt in Year 1: designing and producing a healthy meal, making masks and puppets.  They also begin to use more sophisticated tools, including saws and clamps when they design, build and evaluate their own working vehicle as part of a unit on transport.