Impact of pupil premium spending 2015/16

We were allocated £115,678 in 2015/16

In Key stage 1, the attainment of pupils entitled to Pupil Premium Funding (disadvantaged pupils) was below that of the rest of the cohort. However the pupils who have been with us since year 1 were significantly above all pupils. Our disadvantaged pupils have achieved better than Ealing Local Authority in reading and writing and in line in maths. The Gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupil has significantly narrowed from 2015.

2016 results Reading Writing Maths RWM
  School National School National School National School National
All (110) 64% 74% 57% 65% 66% 73% 54% 60%
    Ealing   Ealing   Ealing   Ealing
PPG(15) 67% 62% 53% 52% 60% 60% 47% 45%
NON – PPG (95) 63% 73% 58% 64% 67% 74% 55% 60%
Reading Writing Maths
All PPG Yr1/2 All PPG Yr1/2 All PPG Yr1/2
63% 67% 70% 57% 53% 70% 66% 60% 70%

Gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils

2b +
R 11% 5%
W 17% 4%
M 28% 6%
From Raise 2015 and LA report 2016

For more information regarding performance of disadvantaged pupils compared with other children in our school and nationally, over the last 3 years, please click here (link through to existing data)

In Reception, the percentage of disadvantaged pupils working at expected was above others in Reading, Writing and Maths.

Reading Writing Maths
81% 87% 77% 81% 83% 87%

In order to ensure that we track and monitor provision and progress for the pupils entitled to pupil premium funding in detail, Sharon Gorrie the Inclusion Leader has developed a provision map which details interventions and support given; impact and effectiveness; costings; and value for money. Our in-school monitoring, which consists of learning walks, book scrutinies, lesson observations, talking to pupils and half- termly pupil progress reviews, ensures that all pupils, particularly those entitled to the Pupil Premium Funding are effectively tracked and monitored and achieve the best possible outcomes.